Looking for a place to serve? Looking for your special place? Servant’s Heart Team is that place to begin your journey.

What is a servant’s heart?

A “Servant’s Heart” is that person who wants to do something in the Lord’s work. God’s word teaches us to have the same mind in us that our Lord Jesus had while here on earth. Jesus said Himself that He came to serve and not to be served.  That means that we should desire to have the heart Jesus has. A heart to serve others.

When we accept Jesus as our Savior, we are saved to serve, not to sit. Too many in the local church are sitting silently, not involved in their church or the Lord’s work, all the while the church is begging for people to help. It is our desire to offer a Team of people who want to serve but maybe do not specifically what area or age group in which to work. Maybe they don’t know who to talk to in order to be involved, or maybe they have been approached by church leadership to offer that chance.
 So here’s your chance!



How does this work?

Give your name and contact information to the Office and you will be added to a list. When a need arises, We will search the list for servants who are available and contact them.





You may not know right now what your specific gift is, but all Christians have a gift. It is our job as Christians, to be diligent to discover our gifts and then to put them to use for the glory of God